'Hello my name is...' logoOur health informatics colleagues perform a wide range of roles. They support clinicians in finding new ways of delivering vital services, such as laboratory test results, x-rays and drug dispensing, while also making these processes faster and more fool-proof. They develop systems to free up clinicians from routine paperwork, allowing them to spend more time treating patients. They also run the systems that allow staff to communicate with each other and provide training on the latest technological developments. In fact, there is very little happening in health today that does not involve informatics.

Many of our people have worked with us since our organisation was first established - more than 10 years ago. Collectively, we have knowledge, skills and experience spanning several decades and a shared commitment to exceptional service across everything we do.

Within the sections below you can meet some of our people and learn more about their role and the important work they do. Please choose the work area you are interested in learning more about to read the profiles of those who work with us. More team members will continue to be added, so please keep referring back to this page for further updates.

Informatics Merseyside is a proud supporter of the 'Hello my name is...' campaign which emphasizes the power of a simple "hello" and encourages NHS staff to introduce themselves properly to those they come into contact with. For further information about this campaign, please visit the 'Hello my name is...' website.