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Configuration management

Informatics Merseyside’s configuration management service has responsibility for the purchase of IT equipment and software including the management of maintenance agreements and support facility arrangements.

Key features

Ordering IT hardware and software

Ordering IT hardware and software

All requests for IT equipment and software are managed through our configuration management team. This team has agreements in place with third party suppliers to ensure the best possible price plan for our service requirements. Where feasible, IT equipment is purchased through Public Service Network (PSN) frameworks.

Those responsible for ordering IT equipment within their department can be provided with access to an online catalogue of IT equipment and software license plans. This is available as part of Informatics Merseyside’s Self Service Portal which enables requisitions to be made online, removing the need for the completion and submission of business case forms.

Once delivered, the details of the IT equipment procured will be recorded by the configuration management service and tagged, in order to help identify and track it in the future. Our desktop support team will then install the equipment or software to ensure it is set up appropriately for use.

IT asset management

IT asset management

Informatics Merseyside provides an IT asset management service to help monitor and maintain a list of all NHS IT equipment.

This includes the number of desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices and printers.

The IT asset register is also a useful tool for understanding the life cycle of IT equipment and software license arrangements, in order to effectively plan for and manage the renewal process.

Software license renewals and upgrades

Software license renewals and upgrades

Software license renewals are maintained by Informatics Merseyside. This includes the robust management of services and negotiations with external suppliers.

Need further information?

For further information about our configuration management service, please get in touch and we will be happy to help you.