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Case studies

We're extremely proud of the work we do and the impact technology and innovation is having on care delivery.

The case studies here demonstrate some positive examples of how technology and innovation is being used to transform care delivery and improve patient health and experiences. They provide some context and background to the challenges being faced by the NHS and the solutions developed to deliver more effective and efficient care.

SharePoint solution for Liverpool Women’s Hospital eases access to information

SharePoint solution for Liverpool Women’s Hospital eases access to information

NHS Informatics Merseyside recently worked with the Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust to deliver a bespoke SharePoint solution to support document management within the maternity department.

Microsoft SharePoint is an industry-leading web-based, collaborative tool that integrates with Microsoft Office.

Liverpool Women’s had been storing policy and procedure documents on an old instance of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 but out-of-the-box functionality alone did not provide a suitable means of keeping documents easily in date nor was it providing a convenient means of accessing documentation quickly and efficiently.

In response, a new SharePoint solution was developed which involved a client search page being created, which junior doctors and other staff could use to search for policies and procedures, and an administration portal for uploading to and monitoring the underlying document library.

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