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The purpose of this document is to provide a framework to support initial discussions about New Development work to help define requirements. This document details the requirements of a new solution, and gathers high-level information regarding existing processes and infrastructure. It is intended to aid initial discussions, the exploration of options and lead towards continued scoping of the eventual solution.
In as few words as possible, describe the over-arching requirement or need:
If an existing solution or procedure is in place, please describe it below. If possible, identify why the new solution is needed, and briefly summarise why the existing solution is not fit for purpose:

Describe the main (high level) goals or expected features, and the potential benefits of developing a new solution that meets the user requirement. If possible, mark each using the MoSCoW system (Must Have, Should Have, Could Have, Wonā€™t Have):

Based on the potential components, who are the relevant teams or individuals who may need to be consulted in order to plan and develop an effective solution? If this is not known, please agree a plan for this information to be collected and detail below:
Please describe any relevant hardware, software and licensing below. This may include a description of relevant server topology, or Office 365 / Azure / cloud subscriptions:

Given the potential components identified in Section 4, please use the format below to identify information that may be relevant for future scoping or development.
Considering any pre-requisites, dependencies and assumptions ā€“ please detail any risks, historical lessons learned and potential issues to progress development.
If the partner/customer has commissioned work of this kind before, or attempted to develop it in-house, where possible - describe the experience and any problems arising below:
In existing processes (if any) ā€“ please describe any restrictions or friction typically experienced by the partner/customer:

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