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Sarah Deane - Knowledge and Training Coordinator

Hello my name is Sarah and I am a Training and Knowledge Coordinator on our IT service desk.

This role involves looking after the knowledge base in SharePoint and maintaining the skills, knowledge and training of all the service desk engineers who work with us.

As a service desk, we provide IT help and support to over 20,000 NHS IT users. Many of the organisations we work with have very different IT systems and processes, and developments in technology means that IT support requirements are changing by the day. As such monitoring and maintaining this knowledge base is extremely important.

I have learnt so much during my time here and love being part of a team that is constantly evolving. Two proud moments for me were being the runners up of the 'best large IT service desk award' and achieving 4-star service desk certification for our commitment to providing an enhanced IT support service!

For further information, please read more about our IT service desk service.

Sarah Deane